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Developing Your Natural Golf Swing Is there a way for us to get what we want out of life? There has to be, we all know people that have that dream lives. They seem to have everything that they want. What is it that they know that the rest of us don’t? I will tell […]

Developing Your Natural Golf Swing

Is there a way for us to get what we want out of life? There has to be, we all know people that have that dream lives. They seem to have everything that they want. What is it that they know that the rest of us don’t? I will tell you, they understand the Universal laws and the simple science of manifestation.

In a riding lesson, the horse is the real teacher, not the helper human. The student is astride 1200 pounds of pure muscle. Twelve hundred pounds, by academic writing company reviews University of California, Los Angeles the way, can pretty much do whatever it wants. Fortunately, for our sake, they usually do what we want. The point is this: When astride a horse you are carried to your primal instincts. Your deepest, most profound instinct is that of survival, which requires no conscious intention on your part to be called into play.

We are designed and have the instinctual desire to react. One of Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of physics states that “every action will have an opposite but equal reaction.” This is the counter-attack and often it is not “equal.” Usually the person counter-attacking wants revenge and reacts in a more aggressive manner. That in turn sparks the need for a reaction from the other person and so forth.

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Religion is not conformity because all conformity is mechanical. You do certain things because you are expected to do them. You do them because you have to live with people and you have to follow their rules; you do them because you have been conditioned to do them. You go to church, you go to the temple, you pray, you follow rituals, but everything is empty. Unless your heart is in it, everything is dead and mechanical. You may do everything exactly as it is prescribed, with no error – it may be perfect – but then, too, it is dead.

The Law of Likeness is very clear. I took a course in Rhetoric and guess what? The Law of Likeness was one of the underlying principles for Rhetoric. Later, I took a college class in Physical Science and a key premise in the mind of the professor was, the Law of Likeness permeates every area of the universe. You might ask how does this relate to metal detecting to build coin collections?

The poem above is an example of what not to do. Elizabeth Barrett Browning is great if you can make yourself sound somewhat like her (the last two lines are hers in case you were wondering which was real laughter). If you happen to have the vocabulary of an eleven year old you probably should leave Poetry alone until you work a bit on that.

We do not often just invade another nation. When something happens that we do not agree with, we start with diplomacy. There are statesman and representatives of the government that try to talk through the issues. Once talk stops showing results or glimpses of hope we declare war and the armies begin to march. The Iraq War began this way. We tried to sanction the Iraqi government to inspect for weapons of mass destruction and Sadam Hussein kept toying with the United Nations inspectors. President Bush answered with a declaration of war.

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Now it is up to us millennials to go out and start job hunting. Maybe take a little more of the burden off of our parents. No one should give up the freedom of a life on their own, paving their own way just because of some hard economic times. So when it comes time start digging for a career after graduation use the resources available to their fullest extent. For instance the career center at the school your attending probably has excellent services to offer. While they can help also do some active research of your own and maybe even call potential employers or send in a resume.

Yet the answers to these questions are basic. We study music because it is around us, it is a universal language spoken in every tongue, in every culture. It is intrinsic, dynamic and compelling. When we listen to popular songs on the radio, doesn’t it make us want to sing or dance along. Music can melt the heart of even the toughest bad guy, it is powerful.

This shift in consciousness had far-reaching consequences! This didn’t just influence the New Age religions. Many of the things we take for granted today like Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, Positive Mental Attitude and the areas of literature, art and music show the influence of this new way of thinking.

The second way is to take a medicine ball, and assume your golf stance with the ball where you would hold your club. Begin to rock your shoulders side to side until you are close to 90 degrees. Repeat this three times, three times per week.


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